ALEX Travel Team
Makes Your Budapest Stay Most Enjoyable!
  - Bed and Breakfast
- Downtown Apartment
- Guided Tours
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The Alex Travel Team Advantage

Most Hungarians living in Budapest are very proud of their city. We belong to them. We were born and have lived our lives here, and enjoy it’s beauty and culture daily. We are pleased to share these delights with you. You can be "part of our family" while staying with us.

We accommodate you in comfortable guest rooms of our house or our downtown apartment, and make sure you feel like at home.
We show you the best of the city and the country on our guided tours.

We have over twenty years experience in the tourism business. Our team is small but enthusiastic. We are two couples, long time friends.
Éva, a German language teacher, her husband Eugene is a tourist guide, my wife Gabi is an English, French and Russian language teacher, and myself, a tourist guide.

We hope to see you soon as our guest,

Sándor Nagy